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FIA 2016 Congress: Acting for diversity

The 21st Congress of the International Federation of Actors will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from September 22nd to September 25th 2016. Hundreds of delegates from around the world will convene in Brazil's bustling city to constitute the federation's supreme political body. The Congress will assess the work done since 2012 but more importantly look ahead to identify new challenges for the Federation and its members, establish new priorities of action and elect the new FIA leadership. The "Acting for Diversity" FIA 2016 Congress will be hosted by FIA's affiliate in the state of Sao Paulo, SATED/SP. It will focus on equal opportunities and the fight against any form of discrimination, a theme of immense relevance to the livelihood of many performers and very close to FIA's heart. Meetings of regional, linguistic and special working groups, as well as of FIA's Presidium and Executive Committee, will precede the Congress as of September 19. We will look forward to a great and productive week!